Sanson technology Inc was established in Taiwan in 1990. It is now a professional company mastering in the development, manufacture, sale , and service of screw nylon patch machines ,Chemical coating  machine ,heat treatment machine and screw nylon coating. We cooperate with many big international companies and we have established Kunsan Sanson Electronics and Technology Co.Ltd China to serve for more customers.

       Screw nylon patch machine can be widely used on cell phone, computer electronic and automobile industries etc. the min to max spec of the machining scale is M1.0*1.0~M20*200.

Chemical coating machine, Applicable to 3M chemical, loctite series chemical .

       Heat treatment machine can be used on automobile and construction industries etc.

       The screw nylon full coating. Should the pipeline interfaces flanges. In keeping with UK Water industry WIS 4-52-03.

    we sell our machines to Poland Iran Japan Korea Singapore Indonesia Turkey and England

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